Hello Future Customers!

June 8, 2009 at 9:15 am (Legal Services) (, , , )

I would like to talk about what Farley’s Legal Support Services entails. Farley’s Legal Support Services primary function is to provide litigation support for attorneys. Those support efforts include but are not limited to Witness Interviews and Statements, Jencks and Reverse Jencks, and  Subpoena Witnesses for court appearances, Court Records Research, Document Retrieval, Court Filings,Crime Scene Photography, Crime Scene measurements and diagrams. Appearance in court and anything else that attorney needs to provide an excellent legal defense. I am a certified DC Criminal Justice Act Defender Services Investigator. We also provide Process Service to the general public in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Notary Public and Signing Services are also provided in the state of Maryland. I am also Silver Certified as a Customer service evaluator.  I also use Chat To Text Technology on my website.  Any questions, I am reachable via text directly from my website. ( hbmad75s4r ) Process Services are handled professionally and timely. 3 attempts guaranteed and free filing of proof of service affidavit.  Special considerations are always given to licensed practicing attorneys.  Hard serves, holiday serves and creative serves are extra. I look forward to hearing from you.   I make it sound easy but trust me, it’s seldom easy. But I love it and its my passion that keeps me going.LogoColorTextBelow


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